hostel review: cabanas alba, barra de nexpa

$300 pesos per night (initial quoted price was $500), private two-storey cabana with own bathroom and kitchenette, 25th - 27th July 2014


Barra de Nexpa isa very small remote beach community, and Alba's is the perfect chilled out place to enjoy all it has to offer.



Directly on the beach, overlooking the ocean, there is nothing but an expanse of sand separating you from the sea. If walking from the main road, head towards the beach and take the first right which brings you to the road running parallel. Alba's are some of the first cabanas on your right.


Best thing

Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. These were really lovely 2-storey cabanas which we fell in love with.


Worst thing

The water seemed to 'run out' at times! If one of us had taken a shower, done some washing up or flushed the toilet, you would have to wait around 30 minutes at least, sometimes the whole evening, for the water to filter through to the pipes again.


Value for money

We were initially quoted $500 pesos per night, a price that was quickly reduced to $300. Whether this was artificailly inflated to begin with or not, the price we ultimately paid was a fantastic deal. The cabana actually had three double beds, so could easily accommodate several more people, and, although minimal, the kitchenette and fridge meant that we were able to cook for ourselves instead of eating out.


Recommended for

Alba's cabanas would suit a group of friends passing through in search of the legendary surf, a family or a couple, like us, looking for a taste of seclusion and rustic luxury.


Top tip

For those looking for even cheaper accommodation, Alba has a number of single-level cabanas set back from the beach.



Private kitchen and bathroom, two terraces, ocean view.


Rating: 7.5

Barra de Nexpa is perhaps even more beautiful under the setting sun