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Ten Things to do on Isla de Ometepe

Updated October 2017

Keep reading to discover ten incredible things to do on Ometepe - we guarantee you'll never want to leave!

From the moment you set out aboard a rickety wooden boat to cross the expansive blue waters of Lake Nicaragua, it will become clear that Ometepe Island is a special place. The two volcanoes which dominate the landscape penetrate the clear blue skies and offer the hint that this is a place where adventures can be had, and travel memories made. 

This backpacker haven, no longer a secret to be shared with but a few, provides some of the delights of Central America in microcosm. You can conquer the volcanic peaks, swim in natural pools or waterfalls, kayak down river, get lost on nature trails, taste coffee right next to the field in which the beans are grown or simply enjoy a gorgeous sunset with new friends and a bottle of Toña.  

Here are some of our favourite places to explore and things to do in Ometepe. 

10 things to do in Ometepe


#1 see the island on two wheels

Whilst Ometepe is by no means a huge island, navigating it purely by foot or local bus could take you a long time. So, instead, we recommend getting yourself a pair of wheels. Many people choose to hire push-bikes for the duration of their stay, however, with more than half of the islands roads being unpaved and in parts, treacherous, your best bet is a motorcycle. Ometepe is in fact one of the few places in Latin America where you can rent a motorbike at affordable day-rates, so why not take advantage of it! Not only will you be able to cover much more ground, your butt will more than thank you the following day.

Essentials | Bicycle rental runs at approx $5 per day, whereas you can hire a motorcycle or scooter for $15-$20 USD per day (not including gas). A driving licence will be required. 

If you do choose to rent a motorcycle, we would strongly recommend checking with the company or your hostel about the quality of the roads you plan to drive on. A number are not suitable for inexperienced, nervous riders or those not used to off-roading.

As with renting a motorcycle anywhere, having good travel insurance that will cover you if you come off is essential. We recommend True Traveller (for European citizens) or World Nomads but, if you're confused about travel insurance, then read this post first.


#2 visit la ojo de agua

For a country well-known for its tropical climate, it is not a surprise that in the process of exploring Ometepe, you could get a little hot. Or, blood boiling dead on your feet to be quite frank. Thankfully, hidden amongst tropical plants and sheltered from the sun the natural springs of La Ojo de Agua are just waiting to cool you off.

Essentials | Located on the road between the two volcanoes, roughly 2 km after Santo Domingo. From the entrance where you have to pay $5 (updated July 2018) US per person, there is around 1km walk to get to the pools. There are are lockers on site for your valuables and basic changing facilities.


#3 watch the sunset at punta jesus maria

Everybody loves a sunset, and it doesn't get much better than the one you can find at Punta Jesus Maria. Sure, the beach isn't particularly beautiful but when the setting sun casts an enchanting orange hue across the twin peaks of Ometepe's volcanoes you'll not want to be anywhere else.

Image courtesy of  Bradley Siefer  t

Image courtesy of Bradley Siefert

Essentials | An easy 4 km bike ride from Myogalpa, near the landing strip. Although we didn't pay an entrance fee, we have heard of others paying $1 US per person. There a couple of stalls where you can buy a beer or some snacks. 


#4 hike the volcanoes

Well, you are in Central America after all, the place where you can't turn around without practically falling over a volcano! 

You can actually climb both the volcanoes that make up Ometepe, but the most popular by far is Volcan Concepcion. However, before you get too excited, do bear in mind that this is not an easy hike - the people we spoke to who had completed it stated that it was actually the toughest they had ever undertaken.

However, for those up for the challenge, there is no doubting that it is an amazing experience with views from the crater over the entirety of Lake Nicaragua.

Essentials | The hike to the crater will take around 9 hours, with the option of a shorter four hour hike to a viewpoint.

You will need a guide to complete this hike (expect to pay around $50 US) - tourists have lost their lives attempting this independently, so don't take any unnecessary risks.


#5 san ramon waterfall

On the southern slopes of the Volcán Maderas, around 4 km from the beach in San Ramon, you will find the waterfall. At 64m high, it's definitely a little more impressive than some others you'll find dotted around the country. 

Essentials | The path to the falls from the entrance is 3 km - the first 2 km is along paved paths and relatively easy, whereas the last 1 km is much more of a hike. Entrance is $2 US per person. 

From Merida, the entrance to the falls is around a 45 minute walk, or if coming from Myogalpa, a 3-4 hour bus ride leaving at 8.30 a.m. (the quality of the roads is pretty poor).


#6 charco verde lagoon

On the southern side of Volcán Concepción the more intrepid explorer can discover a lush, less windblown cluster of beaches, centred around Reserva Charco Verde.

Image credit -  Arjen Toet .

Image credit - Arjen Toet.

Accessible from a short hiking trail that begins at Hotel Charco Verde this is beautiful spot for swimming, hiking and wildlife-watching.


#7 kayak istian river

Top of the list on a number of backpackers Ometepe bucket-lists is a kayak trip down the Rio Istian. Usually taken as part of a guided tour, you will spend hours exploring this small estuary that meanders from Lake Nicaragua through part of the isthmus connecting Ometepe’s two volcanoes and learning all about the wildlife that inhabits it.

Essentials | Tours last around four hours and cost between $25 - $30 US per person.


#8 check out the petroglyphs

Ometepe is famous for its pre-Colombian past, and as such, you will find petroglyphs and stone carvings throughout the island. For the ancient history buffs amongst you, your best bet of locating them are at Hotel Finca Porvenir and on Finca Magdalena, both on the slopes of the volcano Maderas or in the museum of La Ceiba.

More information | click here


#9 finca magdelena

Run by a co-operative of 24 families, Finca Magdelena is a 350-hectare organic farm that stretches along the foothills and up the slopes of Volcán Maderas. Producing amazing organic coffee, plantains, milk, corn, beans, rice and vegetables they offer visitors the chance to take part in a coffee tours, as well as tours of their finca. And when you're done with sampling the produce you can spend some time exploring one of their many easy walking tours.

Essentials | Coffee tour costs $16 US for three people, whilst the finca tour is $10 US per group.


#10 spot wildlife

In addition to the amazing birdlife that can be spotted during a kayaking trip down Rio Istian, Ometepe is an excellent place for all things monkey - especially capuchin and howlers. You may hear them before you see them, but keep your eyes peeled and you're sure to catch a glimpse as they swing through the trees.

Where to Stay in Ometepe

It's been some time since we visited Ometepe and things have changed.  New hostels have appeared, others closed down, and as in a couple of cases, some are no longer places that we should be recommending - new management is not always a good things apparently.

Following advice from readers however, we've come up with a few great suggestions for bases around the island:

La Urraca Loca | Traditionally rustic rooms set in a a large outdoor space filled with plants, flowers, butterflies and even some monkeys! Located in Balgue, they also offer Spanish lessons and can arrange tours. No on-site kitchen (only guest fridge) but many cheap restaurants nearby. Find out more and check availability here.

Bananas Guest House | Located in Altagracia, this hostel is basic but in a fabulous tree-house sort of way. Set in a large garden, within a five minute walk from the beach, this is a great option for those wanting to have a nature-heavy experience. Also has guest kitchen. Find out more and check availability here.

Hacienda Merida | This eco-lodge (located in a wonderfully rural part of the island, near Merida) is an excellent choice for those wanting to give back a little - its profits fund a local school which is intertwined with the hacienda. No kitchen but an on-site restaurant and coconut ice cream to die for! Find out more and check availability here.

Casa Mauro | Wonderful option for those wanting to base themselves in Moyogolpa. Large rooms, nice and secure (this can be a bit of a concern in other hostels in the area), clean and very helpful staff who are happy to arrange tours. Highly-rated hostel. Find out more and check availability here.


And just in case you want to splurge....

Casa del Bosque | At around £27 a night or a double, it's a little out of the price range of a budget backpacker, but you do get a lot for your money. Wonderful rooms, set in lush tropical gardens with wildlife literally on your doorstep. Apparently, it also has one of the best breakfast in Nicaragua.. There's a reason it's one of the most popular accommodations on the whole island. Find out more and check availability here.

how to get to ometepe from the mainland

Use our transport guide to know the ferry schedule from San Jorge or to find out how to travel by boat to Ometepe from San Juan del Sur or Rivas and to ensure you don't get ripped off! It's also possible to make it to the island by boat from Granada


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