hostel review: hostel trail, popoyan

Private room with shared bathroom. 

27th March 2015 - 48,000 per night

2nd - 5th April 2015 - 60,000 per night (Semana Santa prices)


Quiet, safe and well-equipped. Hostel Trail is a nice place to spend your time in between activities.  During our stay there seemed to be only minimal interaction between guests, but if you're not looking for a party hostel (and why would you be in Popayan?), then this probably doesn't matter.



Located around a 15 minutes walk from the bus station, on the very edge of the old town. It's in an ideal spot for you to visit the local sights. 


best thing

The guys that own Hotel Trail know exactly what they're doing. This hostel has everything you could possibly want with regards to amenities. It is exceptionally clean, and well designed by someone who understands the needs of backpackers. After spending the previous few weeks in cheaper accommodation, our room was a welcome return to little comforts. 

There is also lots and lots of tour and activity information available around the hostel. 


worst thing

There really isn't anything bad. It can feel a little sterile, and somewhat like university halls of residence but not to the degree that anybody would ever dislike it and indeed we welcomed it after our previous hostel. The owners were extremely friendly and helpful, but we found the other staff to be much less so when dealing with us and our requests. 


value for money

After nearly three months in Colombia, we are well aware that it is not a cheap country for accommodation. Hostel Trail provides everything the backpacker needs, but it does so in a location which, outside of Semana Santa, is not terribly popular with backpackers.

For this reason, we're not sure they should really be charging quite as much as hostels in more popular places in Colombia. 


recommended for

Every type of backpacker is welcome here, as well as vacationing Colombians. 



24 hour reception, hot(ish) showers, wifi, guest kitchen, will provide breakfast at additional cost, TV room, dining area, secure, some staff speak English.


top tip

If money's tight, instead of spending 5,000 pesos on the hostel breakfast, head to one of the small cafeterias or bakeries within walking distance where you can find standard eggs, rice and coffee for 3,000.

Also, if you're planning on visiting Popayan during Semana Santa, definitely book ahead! 


rating: 8


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