hostel review: hostal la casona de lili, salento

$50,000, private double with shared bathroom, 9th March - 16th March

Our time at Casona de Lili felt like staying in a fabulous family home. Expect to be treated like family or an old friend by the charismatic owner Lili. This really is a lovely setting to get to know travellers whilst watching a movie inside or over a beer in the garden.



Located on the main street, you couldn't ask for a better location! It is less than five minutes walk form where the bus will drop you. The main tourist street (with all the shops, cafes and restaurants) is right on your doorstep but, thankfully, feels like a million miles away when you're inside the hostel 


best thing

We honestly fell in love with how warm and cosy Lily had made the hostel - clearly a lot of love had gone into its design and it felt so much like a home we extended our stay by a couple of days.

Additionally, the kitchen was INCREDIBLE! Everything you could possibly need and more, including every utensil, cooking appliance, pan, condiment, herb and spice. And it felt like an old country cottage. The only thing missing was the Aga.

Additionally, Lili is a great person to practice your Spanish with, and is very patient with those relatively new to the language - such as ourselves. 


worst thing

The only thing about this wonderful hostel, that left a rather stale taste in our mouths, was our bed for the first night. We had reserved a double on-line, but when we turned up there was no room available, instead we were placed in Lili's office/overnight bed into which staff would come and go. Had we been charged a reduced rate for this night, we probably wouldn't have minded so much, but as it stood, to be charged full rate was just a little rude. 


value for money

Having stayed in quite a few hostels in Colombia, we can honestly say that this one represents very good value for money. What you get for $50,000 goes above and beyond what a number of others offer.


recommended for

Absolutely everyone, young and old but NOT those who want to stay up late drinking, chatting and listening to music. This is Lili's home which operates as a hostel, rather than the other way round. 



Wifi, excellent kitchen, breakfast available for additional cost, outside area, TV area with movie selection, hot showers, bike rental.


top tip

One double is much larger, with balcony - if you get the opportunity, request to reserve this one!


Would we stay there again? 

Absolutely! This hostel was perfect for us, and may well be perfect for you. If you'd like to make a reservation, click here.

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