Krakow | An Unexpected Veggie Heaven

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For the most part, travelling the world whilst avoiding animal products is not difficult. The problem lies in the fact that sometimes, it's just not particular tasty - especially the further afield you venture.

Plates of rice, a portion of chips, the sad looking side salad, or something covered in cheese. Always lots of cheese.

In a country known for its meat-based and dairy-heavy cuisine, we had low expectations for Krakow's veggie scene.

How wrong we were.

What we discovered instead was a selection of some of the best vegan restaurants and veggie delights that we've had anywhere in the world; we were spoiled for choice.

Over the six days that we spent in the city, we ate out for almost every meal and indulged in delicious burgers, tasty curries, deep bowls of veggie goodness and vegan kebabs so incredible that they may well be the best hangover food we've ever encountered.

Whilst we certainly didn't taste everything on the city's vegetarian-friendly menu (trust us, we tried), we want to share with you some of our best finds - and prove that Krakow well and truly deserves it's place on the veggie food map!

Vegab | Vegan kebabs so good, we may have eaten here twice...seriously ( I refused Andrew's attempts to have us visit a third time before we flew back to the UK). Inspired by several years working in a traditional kebab shop, the young owners set out to create a healthier vegan alternative. And boy did they manage it. Go with a big appetite and you will not be disappointed.

Krowarzywa | There are few foodie treats that we enjoy much as an excellent veggie burger - and Krowarzywa doesn't disappoint. Located in the centre of the old town, this vegetarian fast food joint offers up fresh, plant-based burgers and bowls that go beyond junk-food, and should satisfy even the carnivores (especially the beyond meat burger - it's 'Andrew approved').

Pod Norenami | Pan-Asian cuisine in a stylish Japanese-influenced setting, this is Krakow's best option for non-meat eaters seeking sushi, noodle dishes or their tofu fix. The chef, Paweł Albrzykowskim, uses traditional recipes and practices of Asian cuisine to create a menu bursting with flavour. Whilst the restaurant is strictly vegetarian, it also has a large selection of vegan options.

Glonojad | Cheap, tasty and filling fare, this pleasant vegetarian cafe is popular with students and the perfect place for an easy lunch or quick snack. Just be advised that depending upon when you visit, and the 'when it's gone, it's gone' principle, the menu can be a little limited. Be sure to try the curry!


Pierogowy Raj | Their website states 'the best pierogis in Krakow', and whilst we certainly didn't try enough alternatives to test the theory, we can attest to the fact that they really are bloody good! Not exclusively a vegetarian restaurant, the large menu actually includes more veggie and vegan options than meat of this traditional Polish dumpling, and we'd recommend sampling a variety (it's pretty standard to get a plate of 10).

Pizzatopia | Whilst not an exclusively vegetarian spot (they have meat-heavy pizza options too), Pizzatopia is known to create the city's best vegan pizza. Baked to order and with their own dairy-free 'mozzarella', you'll be hard-pressed to find a bad review of this place.

WieloPole3 | We love a good pizza or vegan burger, but as people who believe that one of the greatest ways to explore a new destination is through its food, it's wonderful when we stumble across naturally vegetarian dishes, or veganised takes on traditional dishes. Wiepole has both covered. It's a particularly good option in the winter months when filling comfort food is all most of us want!

Bhajan Cafe | Not your typical Indian restaurant, this really rather good restaurant comes with a side of spirituality, running yoga and meditation classes during the day. Serving both vegan and veggie curries (highly recommend the vegan madras if you're into spicy dishes), as well as all the usual sides and drinks you would expect.

If you have any other vegetarian recommendations for Krakow, let us know in the comments. For more ideas for your own Krakow city break, listen to our podcast episode here.

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