A Short Guide to Locorotondo | Puglia's Prettiest Little Town

Looking for things to do in Locorotondo, where to stay, how to get there - or just trying to work out whether it's somewhere you'd like to visit on your Puglia road trip? Then this short guide to Locorotondo should have you covered.

Away from the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean and the cute seaside towns of Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, there lies a stunning green expanse of countryside known as Valle d'Itria. Dotted with iconic whitewashed trulli and abundant olive groves, its narrow winding lanes lead from one pretty little village to the next; there is however one in particular that we implore you to visit.


A name that flows from our lips in the most wonderful of ways, and a delightful place truly deserving of the acolade 'Borghi più belli d'Italia' (one of the most beautiful villages in Italy).


Why you should visit Locorotondo

For the flâneurs amongst us, the most fabulous thing about Locorotondo is the lack of determinable tourist attractions. This is a town to simply get lost in for a few hours. To leave the new town and enter the old, to wander tiny streets, to sit in the sun and sink a couple of aperol spritz, perhaps peruse one of the of many beautiful ateliers or dine fuori at one of the impossibly cute side-streets restaurants , but mostly, to just enjoy.

We visited countless villages, towns and cities during our time in Puglia, but this particular place perched upon a hill, may just have been the most beautiful of them all. And in a region as spectacular as Puglia, that should be reason enough to visit - even if it's only for a few hours.



Things to do in Locorotondo

Leaving our rental car parked in the shade of a waxy palm, we slowly made our way from the newer (but equally beautiful) part of the town, and into the centro storico. Here amongst a maze of whitewashed lanes, crumbling facades and grand baroque archways, we explored for hours.

As we mentioned earlier, this is exactly the reason that you come to Locorotondo, but for those that like to have a few things to cross of their list, here are a few suggestions.

  • Being perched atop a big hill, Locorotondo is a fantastic place from which to survey the spectacular countryside around. Whilst views can be garnered from many spots in the city, for the very best vistas head to the limit of this hill-top town (easy to find in the small centro storico) and the small street that encircles its highest point, offering spectacular panoramic views.

  • The narrow streets that lead east from the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele were, at least during our visit, home to a captivating open air photography exhibit, with images old and new depicting life in this small town. If it's still there, we certainly suggest you make a bee-line for it. The tourist office in the Piazza has more information on the area.

  • Even the smallest town in Italy will have several ageing Catholic churches - and Locorotondo is no different. Undeniably beautiful as they are imposing, they're usually worth at least popping your head into. Chiesa Madre di San Giorgio, Chiesa San Rocco and the attractive Romanesque Chiesa della Madonna della Greca are the three most impressive in town. Please note that opening times can be a little variable, for greatest chance of finding them open, visit in the early morning (these are also still working churches, so be mindful of services).

  • Locorotondo's sparkling white wine is famous in Italy. Available in many restaurants throughout the region of Puglia, those up for a bargain (and a good tasting session) should go straight to the source and visit the headquarters of the main wine producer Cantina Sociale del Locorotondo. Simply head to Via Madonna della Catena near the train station.

  • Join in the festivities on one of two patron saint days. Opt for a grand market fair for San Giorgio on the 22nd and 23rd of April or music and fireworks for San Rocco on 16th August.




Where to stay in Locorotondo

Cost of accommodation varies quite significantly in Puglia, with certain towns being a little trickier for those on a stricter budget; Locorotondo is one such town.

That's not to say you'll need to spend hundreds, but the nicer accommodation can work out a tad pricier. However, given the proximity of other must-sees in the region such as Martina Franca and Alberobello, Locorotondo would undoubtedly be a great base for a day or two.


Apartments in Locorotondo

In no uncertain terms, the best value accommodation in Locorotondo comes in the form of Airbnb, where you can secure an entire house/apartment/trulli for around £50 a night - exceptionally good value when compared to hotels in the area. (Pssst, if you haven't used Airbnb yet, you should absolutely sign up with our referral code and save £20 off your first booking - we promise you won't regret it)

If you're looking for an apartment but would prefer to book through a traditional site, booking.com has a whole bunch of them too.


Hotels / B&Bs in Locorotondo

Hotels, in the traditional sense, don't really exist in Locorotondo, so the below selection includes B&Bs and small trulli (some with self-catering facilities) that will also provide breakfast - ideal if you're only in town for a night or two. 

Da Concavo e Convesso | A beautiful old B&B in the centre of the old town, it has been lovingly restored and is now run by a local family. Francesco speaks perfect English and his 'mama' is always on hand to provide freshly made Italian treats. A great choice. To check prices and availability, click here.

B&B Lamie Di Olimpia | Located a little out of town (around a 10 minute walk), this modernised traditional trullo is great for those without a car but wanting a countryside trulli experience. Run by the most helpful of chaps, guests have only good things to say about their experience here - check prices and availability.




How to get to Locorotondo

We visited Locorotondo as part of our Puglia road trip, and we highly recommend this as the best way to discover the region. Car rental is available at Bari and Brindisi airports via Auto Europe, and you can read our road trip and driving advice for Puglia here

As with many small Italian towns, finding a parking spot in Locorotondo can be a little tricky. Certainly, there is plenty of street parking, however finding a free spot is challenging. Unless you are arriving super early or travelling during low season, we'd recommend you park in one of the larger parking lots a little outside the old town.

Locorotondo can also be reached by the Ferrovie Sud-Est train from direct from Bari, with a travel time of around one hour (however a local has since told us that the train has never taken less than 3 hours in real time). Alternatively, it is only a few minutes by train from Martina Franca and Alberobello. The station is located a short walk from the centro storico. Do note that on Sundays, the train is replaced with a bus. 

If you're using public transport to travel in Puglia, then check out Omio which is a fantastic free app for anyone travelling independently in Europe. It gives train and bus times, designs the easiest or cheapest route from A to B and lets you book tickets centrally and easily in your own language.


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Our short guide to Locorotondo, Italy's prettiest little town. Useful tips whether you're just passing through, or plan on hanging out for a couple of days  | Things to do in Locorotondo | Where to stay | How to get there | What to do | Italy | Puglia | Puglia road trip
Our short guide to Locorotondo, Italy's prettiest little town. Useful tips whether you're just passing through, or plan on hanging out for a couple of days  | Things to do in Locorotondo | Where to stay | How to get there | What to do | Italy | Puglia | Puglia road trip

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