six incredible reasons to visit menorca

The Balearic Islands have always been a popular destination for sun-starved Brits seeking year-round sun. For us, that had actually been an incentive not to visit.

However, after spending a week in Menorca this summer, we are shouting from the rooftops that its climate is not the only reason why you should visit this beautiful Spanish island.


#1 The beaches are to die for


Although there are few long sandy beaches in Menorca, there are nearly 200 small coves, or calas, dotted all over the island. Almost all are worthy of towel time, but if you want the perfect crystal clear waters found in the picture above, stick to the beaches on the south west of the island - like Cala Macarelleta.


#2 It makes gin

We have never hidden the fact that we have a teeny-tiny gin problem - after all, Along Dusty Roads may never have existed without it! So, when we discovered that not only does Menorca's most popular drink contain it, but they also make it here, we were delighted. 

If you share our love, be sure to pop in to the Xoriguer Distillery, where you can taste a variety of what they have on offer and buy an incredibly photogenic bottle to take back with you. As for the local drink? Just ask for a pomada.


#3 It has gorgeous little towns

Fantastic white-washed walls, crumbling facades, pastel-hues and type of doors that cry out for an Instagram feature - Menorca's beautiful towns are a delight to explore.

Don't miss Binibieca, Ciutedella or Mahon. Just remember that siesta is most definitely a thing in this part of the world, with many places shutting between 2 p.m and 5 p.m.


#4 The countryside is pretty stunning

Farming is king here. This means that not only do they have an abundance of fresh produce, but the island is covered in fields of grain, olive trees, wild flowers and beautiful whitewashed country houses.

And with more than 40% of the Menorca being protected, it is a wonderful place to explore - and should be able to tempt even the the most die-hard all-inclusive resort fan to leave the poolside for the day.


#5 The seafood is incredible

Now, this one may be a bit obvious. After all, it is an island. However, we're sure you'll agree that there's nothing quite like enjoying a large plate of freshly caught fish harbourside.


#6 It's the perfect spot for a peaceful holiday

Menorca is not like most other Spanish Islands, where finding a quiet spot in the summer months can be more than a little trying. This is not a place to come and party and there are (thankfully) no streets full of nightclubs, stag-dos or restaurants peddling home-cooked British food. Certainly, it is popular with British holiday makers, but without the high-rise resorts, we can't imagine it ever tips over into being unpleasant, even in peak season.

Whether you love to hike, roam small Spanish villages, discover hidden beaches on a rent a scooter and disappear into nature, you'll love it here. 

We certainly did. 


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The Spanish island of Menorca is a fantastic holiday destination - need convincing? We've got six reasons why you need to get there NOW!