five essentials for a day at the beach

Absolutely nothing makes us two Brits feel like we’re on holiday than when we’re lazing by the ocean on powdery soft white sand, catching some rays and, preferably, with a coconut-based cocktail by our side. It’s safe to say that, for a lot of us travellers, beach days are the best days.

To make the most out of these sun-filled days however, it helps to be a little prepared. Here are five essentials that should always be in your beach bag, wherever in the world you may happen to be!

#1 a sarong

Some may opt for the beach towel but, especially when we’re on a long-term trip, we’re all about the sarong. Lighter, easier to pack and with much needed versatility, they’re the perfect item to lay on at the beach and are often more than big enough for two people – and to bring it home, just wrap it round your waist for a perfect ‘boho’ vibe on the bus or walk back.

#2 sunglasses

It’s important to 1) look fabulous and 2) protect your eyes when you’re out in the sunshine for a long time – investing in a good pair of sunglasses’ is a great idea if you’re serious about spending a lot of time at the beach and want to be ‘insta-ready’.  Emily absolutely loves the Ray-Bans she selected from this online designer sunglasses sale from SmartBuyGlasses.

#3 a dry bag

Although just about any type of bag will do to bring to the beach, our preference is for a decent-sized dry bag (minimum 10 litres). Not only are they water-proof and easy enough to roll into a compact size, but, being a much hardier and practical affair, they're also great at reducing the amount of sand you bring back to the hotel with you - simply wash it out once you’re back at the hotel and it will dry instantly.

#4 suncream

Because you’d be an absolute idiot to go without it.

In most countries, we wouldn't dream of heading to the beach without a full bottle of at least factor 30 (or even 50 if it's super hot). Our top tip? Before you even leave the hostel/hotel, give yourself a complete head-to-toe coating so you can be guaranteed decent protection for the first few hours in the sun, and then top up as required.

#5 a beach shelter

After years of silently judging the beach tent, a two week holiday in Valencia has completely converted us. Instead of just a couple of hours at the beach, we would spend whole mornings and afternoons at the beautiful undisturbed and undeveloped beaches outside the city but, as there are no facilities or restaurants there, you  have to bring everything with you (including something for shade). So, alongside our chill bag (essential for some cold beers and snacks) we took along our this beach tent / shelter - it gave us a more secure place to store our stuff, a changing area and much needed shelter when we needed a break in the shade. It’s lightweight, rolls up to a very manageable and transportable size and, for us, is now a must bring along on a proper day at the beach.

What else can’t you leave behind when having a beach day? Let us know in the comments!

This post was created in collaboration with SmartBuyGlasses. As always, all opinions are our own.