Guide to Booking Cheap Flights

When planning a vacation, booking flights is sometimes the most tricky process to undertake, but with the proper knowledge and mindset, you can efficiently book your air travel and save a significant amount of money through finding cheap flight deals.

Below are some tips and advice on what you can use on your next booking.


Timing is vital

According to travellers’ community website, Independent Traveler, the most difficult aspect of booking a flight is to know when to stop searching for fares and go ahead with a purchase. It was mentioned that a lot of airlines offer seat sales during Tuesdays, so you can take that into account as well.

Also bear in mind to book months prior to the trip if your travel date(s) fall(s) on peak season. Most air ticket prices increase as peak travel periods are nearing; thus, get your flight tickets beforehand.

Conversely, last minute booking can save you money, provided that the airline failed to fill their seats on a specific travel date. Just note that this comes with a risk of limited availability so if you’re traveling with a group, it’s best to book early and not late.

Media group Business Insider also recommends the 24-hour rule, whereby you check the fares after a day and if the prices drop, you can contact the airline. Often times they can rebook your flight without a penalty and refund the price difference.


Be diligent on research and check multiple airports and airlines in your area

For instance, in the UK, the two most used airports are Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport. Considering that the two are near London, you can check the fares of carriers that use these airports, rather than one of the two only.

When checking numerous airports, however, remember to consider other factors as well, such as parking and other amenities to avoid potential inconveniences and hassles. Given that airports are among the busiest facilities in the country, be sure to check what choices are available to you and book well ahead of time. Using the same UK airports as examples, there are options like short stay, long stay, and valet parking, which Parking4Less lists as the same with most other UK airports

Travel resource Travel Zoo suggests to look for one-way fares, even with different airlines. The most common mistake of passengers is that they automatically book for return trips using only the one airline. Exercise that diligence further and compare prices between various air companies. Sometimes, booking a departure flight and return flight separately can save you money.


Make use of flight rewards programs, deal alerts and other notifications

Flyer miles, rewards points, air passes, and other exclusive programs are all good options to consider as many airlines set seats eligible for award travel.

When you see a great deal, enquire about it and if it fits your preferences, grab it immediately. But make no mistake, be clear and thorough with your questions. Another common mistake passengers commit is that they want less talking and just want to get the process done as soon as possible. A lot of times, this leads to hidden charges and other fees that can be avoided altogether had the passenger clarified everything thoroughly before booking.

Another usual mistake is that travellers tend to be passive and just wait for announcements. Sometimes they learn about the sale on the day itself, and by then it's too late. Get proactive and be keen to the best deals! Check social media, emails, airline apps, and other channels for upcoming discounts, flight promos, and seat sales. 

Booking for a flight need not be stressful and full of hassle. Just remember the advices from experienced travelers, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the whole process, joyfully fulfilled by the costs you save from these cheap flights.

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