five travel hacks to survive the airport

The biggest adventures usually start at the airport. This is an obligatory part of most of the journeys, and usually, it's one of the least enjoyable. However, if you would like to have a less stressful time waiting for your flight, check out these five hacks which will help you to survive even the busiest airports in the world!


Follow the signs

This should go without saying, but in many cases, people tend to forget to follow the signs as soon as they step into the airport. In huge places like Heathrow, this could be the difference between you making it to the departure gate in time or being left behind!

Further, in many European airports, there are two or three separate lines for people with US passports and people with European passports. Therefore, don‘t get mixed up and make sure you stand in the correct line (or choose whichever you like if you have a dual citizenship!) Also, don’t follow the crowds as well – think with your own head and just simply read the signs to get where you need to in good time. 


Dress smart

Looking stylish should not really be the thing that's at the forefront of your mind when going to the airport. Of course, being fashionable is crucial for some, but that might lead to a lot of unpleasant and tiring situations where you might start to regret wearing those clothes. Instead, comfort and practicality should be at the forefront!

The best example of this – shoes! In many US airports and in mostly all European ones, you will have to take off your shoes for the airport security or customs. So, for this reason, try not to wear shoes which need intricate lacing. Simple flips flops or ballet shoes for the ladies will do just fine.

The same goes for metal detectors where you should not wear any kind of metal on you – therefore, remember those two checkpoints and dress intelligently to not only to make you pass through quicker but make  everyone else's day go that little bit smoother. 


Wear your stuff

It's not surprising that you have to pack everything like a pro just to avoid paying additional luggage fees.

However, sometimes we just can’t fit everything into one small carry-on bag and then we are forced to leave something at home or pay extortionate fees for the extra weight. 
However, there's one little trick which can help you out in this situation - wear as much clothing as you can to keep the weight out of your bag.

Layer you clothes, put on most of your jewellery and other accessories will allow you to save a ton of space in your suitcase.  Sure, this might be a little bit weird tip next to the previous one, but you can try to mix these two in a right way and you'll be a winner! 


Freeze liquids

Everybody knows the rule that you can’t take too much liquid with you on a plane.

However, there is no rule telling you how much ice you can or can’t take with you either. Therefore – if you would really like to have a bottle of cool water on a plane and don’t want to buy it – freeze your bottle at home and bring that to the airport!

Make sure it stays in a fully frozen condition at the airport and don’t try to take a few gallons of that on a plane either. A small bottle is all you need!


Fly late

There are many advantages of flying as late in the day as possible. You won’t have to deal with huge masses and crowds at the airport; you won’t have to look for a hotel in the destination where you are heading to and therefore save money for one night's accommodation and finally you will be able to have a decent night's sleep on the plane as well.

 Save money, avoid the crowds and get a good night's sleep – perfect!

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