Top places to visit on a European road trip

Watching the sunset over the Norwegian fjords or passing through the twisted roads of Italy can be thrilling and unique driving experiences, but there is much more to see in Europe. Here are some of the top destinations to visit on your next European road trip. 


Ring Road, Iceland

If you had a GPS in your car and wanted it to take you to Middle-Earth, it would most probably guide you towards Iceland; this country has roads like no other. The Ring Road stretches to staggering 830 miles of surprises and adventures. Its lava fields are surrounded by snow-top mountains, where you will feel like a Hobbit in Middle-Earth. This road trip will certainly be unforgettable as you pass the natural hot springs and the volcanic craters.

Basque Circuit: from Spain to France

The 30-mile route will take you through Bilbao via a stunning mountain pass towards Pamplona. From Pamplona, head south to the Pyrenees in France. The historic views along the Roncesvalles pass can be somewhat distracting. As you head west, you will see lots of mountains along the Cantabrian corniche as well as the Bay of Biscay, which is situated on the right.


Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

While the name of this road might sound like a mouthful, it is nevertheless, one of the most popular routes for sports car enthusiasts. During your scenic drive, you will pass the Hohe Tauern National Park, with its huge range of over 30 mountains and tyre-squealing road bends that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 


Alpine Road, Germany

Perhaps one of the most classic European road trips is at Alpine Road, Germany. This scenic road twists along the Bavarian Alps. In fact, it is so popular and tricky to follow that it has been named as the ‘Romantic Road’. This is because you would need to drive through a number of small villages and towns that are along this route.

To avoid getting lost, don’t forget to take a decent map with you.

As you drive through Alpine Road, look out for snowy mountain peaks and lush forests. Once you pass through the ski resort of Garmisch, you will be at the highest peak in Germany. A visit to Linderhof Palace should not go amiss, especially if you are not in a hurry. This road journey will take you through some of the most picturesque chalet-style houses with overflowing flowers and plants. 


Pas de Calais, France

With its sandy beaches and tree-lined roads, France is the perfect European destination for a road trip. As you drive through Pas de Calais, you will get a view towards the estuary fishing port that is filled with seafood restaurants. Pay a visit to the elegant 1920s boutiques and explore the posh homes of the wealthy Parisians.

There are also many traditional cafes, little souvenir shops, and old churches that you will undoubtedly pass through in this route.

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