what we spent: month thirteen

budget: £30 GBP / $46 USD per day 

total budget: £930 / $1426

total spent: £777.5 / $1198.5

avg. daily spend : £25 / $38

all costs are for two people in $USD and £GBP. Conversions correct at time of publication.

days on budget: 13%

days under budget: 68%

days over budget: 19%

We started this month saying goodbye to one of our favourite countries so far with a D.I.Y. volcano climb, before crossing over from Colombia to Ecuador. First stop, Quito and a few days hanging out at Secret Garden Hostel and having a lot of fun. After more than three months away from the beach, we were keen to hot-foot it to the coast but not before an invigorating Cotopaxi climb and cycle

When we first arrived in Ecuador, we knew the somewhat inflated prices would push our finances to the max. However, we can proudly say that we have come in under budget. Yet again! Definitely helped in part through our work with a number of hostels and tour companies, the biggest factor was being by the beach. When you have nothing to do but lie in the sun and read a book, it's not really surprising how little you spend!

total: £245 / $377

avg. cost per double room: £11 / $17

most expensive: £15.5 / $24. A double room in Quito.

cheapest: £8.7 / $13.5. A basic but pretty nice room in Mompiche.

Accommodation, on the whole, is not cheap in Ecuador. The only reason it averaged out to a respectable $17/night was due to a long stint in Mompiche - without it, we would have struggled to be anywhere near that!

Additionally, in the interest of full-disclosure, we received nine nights of free accommodation this month.

accommodation: 31.5%

total: £96 / $148

Although we spent half the month in one place, the journeys we did take covered a lot of ground. A few taxis in Quito to and from bus stations and a couple of long-distance buses meant that this figure is a little higher than we expected.

transport: 12.3%

total: £148 / $228

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to the 'almuerzo'. In Ecuador, you can get a soup, main and fresh juice for between $2 and $3.50. We ate out almost every lunch time, which means A LOT of seafood and some very happy tummies! 

eating out: 19%

total: £129 / $199

Groceries, particularly in small coastal towns, are not cheap. We didn't indulge in any exotic foreign delights but still left the supermarket with lighter pockets than we intended.

groceries: 16.5%

total: £61 / $94

We really didn't drink that much this month. For sure, we had the odd sunset beer or cocktail but on the whole, crazy nights out were kept to a minimum - and when we did, a $5 bottle of rum went a long way.

alcohol: 8%

total: £29 / $45

This month, our activities were either comped, pretty cheap or involved little other than lying on a beach, napping in the sun. 

activities: 4%

total: £43 / $66

Smoothies, ice-cold coconut water (from the coconut!) on the beach, ice-creams and the odd cake were consumed this month. When we arrived on the coast, it felt like we were on holiday, and boy did we make the most of it!

sweets & treats: 5.5%

total: £25.5 / $39.5

After many months away from the sea, our sun-cream supplies had well and truly been depleted so a trip to the pharmacy for an over-priced tube, essential bug spray and the usual shampoo and conditioner gave us a bit of a hit to the wallet.

toiletries: 3%

total: £0 / $0

Yes, we probably need some new clothes. No, we didn't buy any.

clothes: 0%

total: £0 / $0

Free to leave Colombia, free to enter Ecuador. Not a dodgy immigration official in sight.

crossing borders: 0%