hostel review: casa chill inn, atacames

Double with en-suite, $18 per night

In a town more popular with Ecuadorian holiday-makers than international backpackers, it is not surprising that Atacames has only one conventional hostel. Run a by a lovely Swiss woman, you can't help but feel at home at Chill Inn.



One street away from the beach, nightlife and restaurants you are protected from the worst of the noise at night, whilst being close to everything Atacames has to offer. To get from the bus stop you can either walk which takes around 15 minutes, or take a moto-taxi for $1 per person. Whilst it is perfectly safe to walk during the day time, a small bridge that you go over is decidedly dodgy at night - so take a taxi if arriving after dark.


what they did well

The owner, Yolanda, really does make the hostel - it's kind of like having a second mum! Having lived in the area for years, she is very knowledgeable about the coast and can provide lots of information regarding your trip.

As the kitchen is also used by the owner, it is incredibly well-equipped with pretty much every appliance and pan you could want and you are able to use oil/condiments on the shelves.

The outdoor area was large and provided a nice covered area for a little relief from the sun with plenty of tables and chairs to chat with other travellers.

Also worth noting is that the hostel has two wifi networks to ensure EVERYBODY gets good reception irrespective of where they are in the building.


what could they do better

Smoking was permitted inside all communal areas and the kitchen/dining area. As there is a great outdoor space, this really isn't necessary and could become quite unpleasant should you want to eat your dinner.


value for money

We stayed in the budget double ($18USD), which was significantly cheaper than the other privates. Whilst it was a little dark, it was more than adequate (and we've certainly stayed in worse!), and provided great value for money! The rooms upstairs are much lighter, larger and quieter for around $25USD. 



Shared kitchen, outdoor area, good wifi, hammocks, pets, English spoken.


would we recommend it?