hostel review: hostal moai, montañita

Double room with ensuite bathroom, air-con and breakfast included, $25 per night

Keen to find somewhere within our budget, whilst also allowing us a little 'holiday feeling' we were delighted to stumble across Hostal Moai. This is a friendly, local run hostal popular with surfers as well as young backpackers.



For the price, this is an excellent location. A stone's throw away from the beach, this hostel is equidistant from the centre of town and Montañita's infamous nightlife and the quiet end of the beach. Staying in town may mean a short stumbling distance after a few too many drinks, but it also equates to loud music at all hours. Hostal Moai is perfectly located to allow you to enjoy the nightlife AND sleep pretty peacefully.


what they did well

The double rooms are exceptionally airy and bright, as well as feeling very clean, and the bedding is definitely higher quality than we've come to expect in Ecuador (the sheets fit rather well, surprisingly). We loved having our own sizeable balcony area just outside our room to work on the computer or enjoy a glass of wine.

The ensuite bathrooms are also well kitted out without any of that grubby feeling we have come to expect, with excellent hot showers! All in all, everything felt pretty new and modern. A couple of upgrades could be done to the kitchen but it did the job. 

The young owner of Hostal Moai is extremely friendly and more than happy to sit and chat over a beer - even in our less than perfect Spanish.


what could they do better

Breakfast starts at 9 a.m. with the kitchen locked up until then. One morning we had to leave at 8 a.m. for a tour, but there was nobody around to let us in the kitchen to pick up some of our food from the fridge or fill-up on water. Aside from that, we were very content with our stay. 


value for money

The accommodation in Montañita definitely seems to be on the higher side as compared to the rest of the coast, however, after having scoped out a number of hostels before settling on Moai, we definitely feel like we got a good deal. Sure, there are cheaper places, but this place gave us just what we wanted.



Shared kitchen, outdoor area, good wifi, free breakfast, surf board rental, hammocks, pets (they adopted a kitten from the street during our stay), free water, English spoken by some staff.


would we recommend it?

Absolutely - you should totally click here to make a reservation.

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