how to get from canoa to montañita

Our guide on how to travel with public transport from Canoa to the biggest party in Ecuador, Montañita. 

#1 bus from canoa to porto viejo

You’ll find the buses passing by the same restaurant where you got dropped off on arrival in Canoa (if unsure, just ask any local to point you in the right direction). For this route, a bus comes by every 30 minutes or so. 

Ideally, you will have a direct bus from Canoa to Porto Viejo, however you may also end up on a bus which only brings you as far as Bahia de la Cruz. If that happens, don't worry as you’ll easily find an onward connection to Porto Viejo at the terminal.

| cost: $3  | time: 3 hours


#2 bus from Porto Viejo to Montañita

In Porto Viejo’s relatively large bus terminal, you have two options. If you can find a bus terminating in Santa Elena, then this is your best option for heading straight to Montañita without any transfers.

However, it’s also perfectly feasible to take one which finishes in Porto Lopez ($3.25, 2.5 hrs), from where you’ll easily find an onward connection to Montanita ($3, 1 hr).  

Unfortunately, this bus route charges a lot relative to your actual time on the bus. 

| cost: $6.25  | time: 3.5 hours

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