our policy on reviews

As you know, we are budget backpackers at heart. For us, this usually involves doing lots of research, finding the best value option and, sometimes, missing out on things when we travel due to the cost.

However, with this website, we also want to help other travellers decide where and how to spend their hard-saved travel money.

We know that not all of our regular readers and other visitors to our site travel on as tight as a budget as we do (hell we haven't met another traveller who travels as cheap as we do!). There will be experiences they want to read about and have an honest opinion on before they decide to pay for it when they're on the road. 

And that's why we've decided to work with selected hostels, hotels and tour companies whilst we travel. 

This is how it works: we will research activities and accommodation on our route. If we find them to be suitable for our type of travel and our readers, we will approach them about partnering up. Often, this means that our team at Along Dusty Roads will join a tour for free, have a complimentary stay at hostel or sample a menu for no cost. 

In return, the business we work with will receive exposure on our website via the article we write about the experience and sometimes some social media promotion. It also enhances their on-line profile as a lot of our reviews often rank on page one of google. 

However, we aren't just doing this so we get free stuff. During any experience, we're 'on the clock'. Each article takes a lot of hours, every photo needs a certain level of editing and we have high stylistic standards for our website - we don't want any old crap on there. 

Most importantly, we retain all editorial control over the content of these articles. If we have a bad experience, we will write about it honestly. If we have a great experience, we will write about it honestly. This will be done in a fair and balanced manner as we don't want to hang out a small business to dry. However, we also don't want our own reputation to be affected by recommending places to you, our readers, which are not worth your time or money.