hostel review: the greenhouse, cali


The Green House sort of feels like a particularly tidy house you might rent with a bunch of friends in your 20s. This probably has something to do with the volunteers that work there, the size and the fact that it actually doubles as the owner's home. 



Located in San Antonio, a pleasant, up-market residential area - a nice alternative to the busier and noisier La Sexta. From the bus station, a 10 minute taxi ride should cost no more than 7,000 pesos. 

It is also only a couple of minutes walk from the popular Parque de los Gatos and a large supermarket.


best thing

After a year on the road, we get quite excited when we find a great kitchen. Green House definitely provides that, as well as excellent free coffee 24 hours a day. The living room is also a really cool space which we loved working and hanging out in.


worst thing

Difficult to think of a particularly bad aspect of our stay, but it is worth noting that there is NO hot water here - despite what booking websites suggest. The shower isn't the greatest

Additionally, they tried to charge us for doing our own laundry. As in, we hand-washed our own clothes in a bucket of cold water outside with our own powder. They wanted $10,000! We refused and it was a bit of a sour note to leave on after such a good stay. 


value for money

After a good hour or so on the internet, we're pretty sure this is one of the cheapest hostels (if not, THE cheapest) in Cali. The double room is huge and kitchen excellent. Greenhouse is incredible value for money given that it is in a large city, a fact that usually means Colombians jack up their prices considerably.


recommended for

Those confident in speaking beginner-intermediate Spanish that would like to feel as if they were living in a home rather than a super-hostel. 



Excellent kitchen, wifi, balcony and outdoor space, pet, friendly staff. 


top tip

If you get a taxi here from the bus station - make sure they put on the meter. It should cost around 7,000 (not the 6,000 that the hostel advises). Our taxi driver didn't know the address which we had written down, so just tell them that it's next to 'Parque del Gatos'. 

The hostel doesn't actually have a sign on it, but you'll be able to spot it as it's covered in green plants and has a 'Parapente' sign on it. 


would we recommend it? 


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