street photography: cowboy hats and tinto cups

We loved Jardin. It was the sort of town that, as soon as you get off the bus, you know it's somewhere you'll remember for the rest of your trip. 

We didn't do much there. And that's because there really isn't that much to do.

We sat on sunny afternoons in the town's colourful plaza on our hand made and hand painted wooden chairs, sipping strong coffee from chipped china cups and watched the world go by.

The cast of characters was so perfect that it sometimes felt a little unreal. Cowboys sporting big black moustaches, dressed in checked-shirt, denim and fine leather boots would parade around the square on horseback before settling in for a few beers. 

Groups of old women gossiped and giggled whilst dressed in their Sunday best. 

Almost every man wore a hat. 

These are the people we saw.

father and son jardin colombia
girl in front of the blue door - jardin, colombia
two old men jardin colombia
old man jardin colombia
old men jardin
men drinking tinto jardin colombia
watching the trucks jardin colombia
old man jardin colombia
the toothpick jardin colombia
watching the girls jardin colombia
old men jardin colombia
old woman jardin colombia
puppy sellers jardin colombia
the couple jardin colombia
the cowboys of jardin colombia
colour in jardin colombia
girls in the doorway jardin colombia
jardin colombia
old man on the corner - jardin, colombia
old buildings - jardin, colombia

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