hostel review: koala inn, pasto

6th-8th April, private double room with shared bathroom ($48,000 COP)

Those choosing to lay their head down in Pasto are probably only doing it for three reasons:

1) You are on your way to Ecuador

2) You have just left Ecuador

3) You are just about to leave Colombia but want to hike Volcan Azfural

So, with Pasto not receiving too many visitors for other reasons, the Koala Inn doesn't face too much competition for any visiting backpacker.



The owners are friendly and helpful but the place feels a little dated and musty. There is a large sit-down area on the first floor which is decent for sharing a beer or two. As most travellers are only passing through, it's understandable why nobody is in a rush to upgrade.



Good. About 10 minutes in a taxi from the bus station (definitely take a taxi - $4,000 pesos - it's far too far to walk), it's close to a large Exito supermarket, shops and plenty restaurants.


best thing

Our room had two large double beds and lots of space, which was a welcome change from the cramped accommodation we had just left.


worst thing

The hostel has a restaurant for breakfast, which didn't seem to be an option guests would take up too often given there are a number of cheaper options nearby. Given the price they're charging ($5,000 pesos for pancakes) and that it's never really going to be too full, it would be better to open up this kitchen for guest-use.

Also, we've no idea why hostels think people will enjoy toilets without toilet seats?!


value for money

It really should be cheaper given where and what it is. We paid $48,000 for a double room with shared bathroom and no kitchen facilities. This was more than we paid for much better places in more attractive destinations in Colombia. However, as we've said above, Koala Inn is in the guidebooks and one of few options available, so they can really charge whatever they want.


top tip

If you are arriving in Pasto to hike Volcan Azufral, then check out our guide on the costs and how to get there. 



Wi-fi, television, computer for guest use, restaurant for breakfast, English spoken.  

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