hostel review: hotel diana, jardin

Firstly, if you're considering visiting Jardin then please take our advice – DO IT! It was our favourite pueblos in Colombia. Diana was one of the cheaper accommodations we found and was perfectly adequate.  


Diana is simply a hotel with line after line of rooms; it's not a place to meet other travellers or to hang out in. It is however a basic and clean option for backpackers. We found it after asking a few places in the Plaza (which were well out of our price range) and they said Diana was one of the cheaper options in town.  


Excellent. The colourful central plaza in Jardin is wonderful and Diana is located right next door to it. If you stand outside a bar opposite the church, Diana is located down the first street on the left.

best thing

A big and comfy bed and its location is further away from the church than other places, so you aren't really disturbed by the bell ringing at ridiculous times. 

worst thing

The showers were terrible.

value for money

Not bad, not great. As we arrived in Jardin on the weekend, we knew that prices would be increased by 20-25%. The owners initially said it would be $60,000/night but we got them down to $50,000. This was still quite a lot for accommodation of this standard which doesn't have a kitchen, so try your best to get a deal.

top tip

They have a lot of rooms of varying standards (some of which we only discovered after agreeing a price) so you may be able to get something more basic but acceptable for a night for $40,000 or less.


Wi-fi and televisions in some rooms. And that's all! 

rating: 6

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