what we spent: month eleven

budget: £30 GBP / $45 USD per day 

total budget: £840 / $1260

total spent: £636 / $954

avg. daily spend : £22.7 / $34

all costs are for two people

days on budget: 7%

days under budget: 82%

   days over budget: 11%

For the first time on this trip, we allowed ourselves to unpack everything and settle down in one place for the entire month. Medellin was our home and it led to a big change in our usual monthly expenses: transport costs plummeted and accommodation comprised more than half of our overall spend. 

Despite feeling like we were at home, we were still determined to stick to our joint budget. And, on the whole, it was pretty easy. We still cooked most of our own meals, hand-washed our clothes and sought out the best deal on accommodation. 

With a little bit extra to spend on going out and activities too, we made some great friends and felt we really got to know Medellin. 

So, after January's budget was a big shock to the system, it's nice to be back on track. Living on £15 a day each ain't all bad if you're in the right place with the right people. 

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Total: £338 / $507

Average cost for double room per night: £12/$18

Medellin's hostels aren't the cheapest, but Yellow House was the perfect hostel for us to settle down in.

The owner gave us the best long-term deal we could find in the city and we were just so happy there. 

accommodation: 53%

Total: £22 / $33

As expected, when you don't move from place to place every few days, you don't spend so much on transport! The £22 is made up of taxis from nights out and using Medellin's metro to get around - we managed to get a Civica card which saved us 10% on every journey.

transport: 3.5%

Total: £28.5 / $43

Apart from a couple of sit-down meals out, this £28 was comprised almost entirely of street-food. When the food is this good, it's rude to say no!


eating out: 4.5%

Total: £44 / $66

Part of what was so great about Medellin is that we got to discover the city with new friends. This of course meant most Saturday nights were spent out on the town until the wee small hours!

alcohol: 7%

Total: £120.5 / $181

We made full use of a having a great kitchen pretty much to ourselves and Emily created some awesome dishes, whilst still keeping to the budget. 

We haven't eaten as well as we did this month all year!

groceries: 19%

Total: £43  / $65

We took our time and got to discover parts of Medellin we simply wouldn't have on a visit of a few days. 

We received a few tours for free due to the site, whilst some others we paid for. The best museum in the city (Casa de la Memoria) was free and we didn't grudge paying $4 each for the Botero museum.

activities: 7%

Total: £20.5 / $31

Lots. of. coffee!

sweets & treats: 3.2%

Total: £20 / $30

We did all our washing by hand this month and so saved a lot of money. Stocking up on toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner after the more expensive Costa Rica and Panama were the main costs. 

toiletries: 3.1%

Total: £0 / $0

So many beautiful boutiques, but not a new t-shirt in sight!

clothes: 0%

Total: £0 / $0


crossing borders: 0%

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