hostel review: hostal marlin, capurgana

$60,000 pesos per night, double with private bathroom, 8th - 9th January, 2015


We had the misfortune of being in Capurgana during high season for Colombian holiday makers which meant that this usually peaceful town was incredibly busy - and this hostel was constantly at full capacity with noisy guests.



Located on the seafront, away from the busy streets.


best thing

Brenda, the adorable French Bulldog of the owner may make an appearance in the afternoon!


worst thing

Because it was high season, prices understandably went up here, and in almost every accommodation in town. However, when we were negotiating the price, we couldn't help but feel that we were being taken advantage of, and in the case of enquiring about other cheaper rooms they might have, completely being lied to. 

Additionally, the electricity was very hit and miss. Across the town, the power went off around mid-morning and came back on around 4 p.m. - entirely acceptable. However, in Hostal Marlin, it would frequently be much later.


value for money

We are sure that if we had stayed here outside of the busy period, rooms would have been much more reasonably priced and things such as doors hanging off the bathroom and the worst shower we have had in 10 months on the roads would have been less of a concern. As it stood, this hostel was supremely poor value for money.


recommended for

Anybody who turns up without a reservation, and cannot find anywhere else to stay. Having wondered around the town, looking at a lot of (unfortunately, fully occupied) hostels, we can say for certain that there are much better alternatives.



For an extra fee, breakfast and dinner can be provided, pets, small outdoor seating area.


rating: 5

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