hostel review: los mostros, panama city

$16 per night, 6-bed dorm with shared bathroom, 5th - 8th September 2015


The higher-than-average cost meant that this hostel was more flash-packer than budget-backer (seriously, there were a group drinking a large bottle of Tanqueray gin in the garden!). Always people milling about for a chat but no crazy parties while we were there.



Located just off Calle 50, and close to neighbouring Paitilla. This hostel is in one the more expensive and fancy areas of Panama City. Whilst this means it is very safe and clean, it also means there are limited budget eating and drinking options within walking distance.


Best bit

At this price, the facilities were as expected. The dorms have big lockers to hold all your stuff and the kitchen is a decent size. 


Worst bit

Considering the price of the hostel, the free breakfast was very disappointing. It wouldn't cost too much more to provide some fresh fruit to go alongside the bread and cereal or some butter to spread on the toast. 


Value for money

This is a difficult one. Panama City hostels are all, almost without exception, over-priced. At least in Los Mostros, the dorms have air-con, it is immaculately presented and there is a large pool. We hope we never have to pay $16 each a night again though.


Recommended for

Backpackers looking for somewhere safe for a night or two, and not on a tight budget.


Top tip

Get to breakfast early. It seems they stop serving when the food runs out, rather than when their official breakfast time ends.



Kitchen, free breakfast, pool, wi-fi, English spoken, TV room, garden, air-con, large lockers, 24 hour reception, tourist info.


Rating: 8 - BUT when paying prices like this, you expect it to be a great hostel!


panama city can be an expensive place. what if you're a budget backpacker?