21 things we love about mexico

#1 The Mexican moustache. It really is quite popular.

#2 Zipolite - a nudist, hippy surf beach like no other!

#3 The food. Mole, tacos, chipotle, quesadillas, tostadas, tamales and wonderfully fresh fish. For backpackers living on street-food, eating out in Mexico never gets boring.

#4 The hot sauce. Home-made in a small comedor or off the shelf in a tienda, the variety of salsa picantes leave the spice lovers wanting more and the rest running for the bathroom.

#5 Even if they are obscenely expensive, travelling on a luxury Mexican bus for a few hours puts Megabus to shame. iPads, leg-room, free food and very comfortable chairs. 

#6 That is acceptable to drink beer at 9 a.m.

#7 The word 'wey'! Mexican slang for dude, brother, homie... Once you know it's meaning, you'll hear it everywhere.

#8 Cheap mezcal - it may leave you with the hangover from hell but at £1.50 for a litre, it's a very cheap night out.

#9 Ballsy (and horny) little chihauhas - everywhere!

#10 Super-sized tlayudas smothered in salsa - our favourite was 'i  tlayduas' in Oaxaca. 

#11 Hostel Candeleria in Valladolid. 

#12 The Mexican moustache. It really is quite popular.

#13 Awesome fish tacos and empanadas in Guadalajara.

#14 Indio beer. From the kick-ass logo to the taste, it comes out top in the crowded field of Mexican cervezas.

#15 The surprising abundance of old-school VW Beetles. Against the backdrop of colour-washed colonial walls, they are a picture brought to life.

#16 To see old couples still dancing with one-another in the squares at dusk.

#17 Progressive political graffitti in San Cristobal.

#18 The people - the dangerous side of Mexico is often the sole reputation in Western media, however this is unfair on the vast majority of the population. 

#19 Watchings surfers along the Pacific coast. 

#20 Having a 5* meal in Oaxaca for the cost of a Nando's in Croydon. 

#21 Recapturing your childhood at the lucha libre