21 things we love about guatemala

#1 The entire chicken bus experience.

#2 The laundry in Xela where you can get the biggest bag of dirty clothes cleaned for just over £1! And they actually used washing powder!

#3 Laguna Lachua - a pot of gold at the end of a bloody long bus journey. 

#4 The amazing strength of chicken bus ayudas. There really is no bag they cannot lift!

#5 The colourful traditional clothing.

#6 Local bars where you can get a litre of beer for less than water.

#7 Volcanoes. Everywhere. 

#8 You can learn Spanish for less than $100 a week.

#9 Swimming in the waters surrounding Flores at dusk.

#10 The Deep Blue in San Pedro - fish and chips just like home.

#11 The cheapest restaurant in Flores where we had breakfast and dinner for almost 11 days in a row.

#12 Casa Seibel - our home away from home. 

#13 The lax border into Livingston, where it appears you could just slip into Guatemala forever, and nobody would know you're there!

#14 The bakery in Xela - the only place we have found proper bread.

#15 Desayuno tipico - we could eat that every day of the week (and often did). 

#16 That, despite centuries of victimisation and struggle, that the Maya continue to have such a strong presence and identity throughout the country. 

#17 The colourful, peeling walls which provide the perfect backdrop for any photo. 

#18 Haircuts for around $1 - trust us, better than anything Andrew got in London. 

#19 The feisty troupes of street-dogs. 

#20 Cafe No Se in Antigua: Mezcal, live blues and dive-bar chic until the wee hours. 

#21 The 13km walk from Lanquin to Semuc Champey through the cloud forest. 

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