the best fish tacos in mexico!

Whether enjoyed at the side of the road, as bus-station snack or in a fancy restaurant, the humble taco is as widespread in Mexico as the moustache or cowboy hat. Whilst meat (particularly beef or chicken) is the most common filling, it is the rarest of tacos that one of us has not shut up about since entering this country - the fish taco.

Type into Google the phrase 'best fish tacos in Guadalajara' and the most common response is Happy Fish. An institution for the last 25 years, it seemed stupid to go anywhere else. After dutifully following our GPS for 45 minutes, famished due to strict breakfast rations and a two-day hangover, what greeted us upon our arrival was a little less than happy. They were closed on Sundays. Facebook, it turns out, is not always right.

As our dreams of seafood and salsa appeared to be slipping away, squatting on a turned-up crate next to well-worn shutters we noticed an elderly gentleman, deeply engrossed in another Tele Nova. Clearly not a chap interested in deep conversations during more important scenes, we were pointed around the corner. 

It turns out Happy Fish has a competitor. A cheaper competitor - Mariscos Fily.

Alongside a menu filled with various larger plates and the ubiquitous shrimp cocktail (clearly more than just an 80's fad in Mexico) is an extensive list of seafood taco dorados, empanadas and tostadas. Fillings were marlin, shrimp or the more expensive and adventurous option of octopus. Choosing several of each with marlin and shrimp, we gorged ourselves stupid. And ordered a couple more. 

Our outstanding favourite was the prawn empanada - meaty prawns and melted cheese wrapped in pastry and deep-fried. Definitely not a healthy choice, but well worth the trek downtown!


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