carmelita's sticky buns

Everybody loves a sticky bun. Few things are more comforting than a morning spent in bed with a proper cup of tea, the newspaper and some fresh pastries. Get the really fancy cakes, make it a broadsheet and you can even call this a 'cultured event'. 

Given the propensity for those of a Latino persuasion to add sugar to everything, we have not been surprised to discovered some tasty sweet treats on our travels, but Carmelita's in Oaxaca really takes the biscuit (I know you're smiling right now).

We are not ashamed to admit that in our seven day stay in Oaxaca City, we visited this little patisserie FOUR times. We are however, a little ashamed to admit to eating twice that many cakes each - they really were very good!

Unless you're in the market for buying a giant celebratory birthday cake (though we wouldn't judge you if you did), we would recommend trying at least one of the praline or chocolate filled croissants. Delectably sweet and buttery soft, this makes a decadent breakfast that only a fine pastry chef could produce!

Incredibly cheap and incredibly tasty - what more could you ask for!?


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