hostel review: hotel las olas, puerto escondido

$100 per person, in a 10-bed dorm with shared bathroom, 18th-21st July 2014

(please note that this review applies to the dormitory only)


Catering primarily to couples staying in private cabanas, Las Olas is not a social hostel. The property's garden and clean, new buildings are pleasant enough but there is very little atmosphere.



Great location, on the street running parallel to Playa Zicatela, a minutes walk from the ocean. There are numerous beaches in Puerto Escondido, and this is definitely our favourite.


Best thing

As a newly built dorm, the beds were exceedingly comfortable and the room was very clean and tidy. This hostel is also home to a number of the fattest cats we have ever seen! Whether it is their genuine desire for love and attention or their inability to move with any sort of speed, they are also happy for belly rubs and tickles.


Worst thing

As a budget backpacker, one couldn't help but feel a little like a second-class guest staying in this hotel which clearly prefers to cater for its higher-fee paying cabana guests. Those of us which chose to stay in the dorm were deemed not to require simple things such as pillows, toilet paper, hand soap or a locked door. If the dorm was full, security would have been a concern with only three small lockers (in a 10-person dorm) that could be locked.

The dorm, although on first arrival appearing much nicer than some others we have stayed in, was simply a sweat-box. Despite two fans and open windows there was no ventilation. There were never more than three people sleeping in our room, and it was intolerable. We dread to think what it would be like full.


Value for money

Although Las Olas is one of the cheaper dorms we have stayed in, the lack of kitchen, intolerable sleeping conditions, and general malaise regarding budget travellers resulted in a somewhat negative view of this hotel. Although there are limited hostels available in the Zicatela area, the ones we did find were cheaper and much more backpacker-friendly. If staying in a dorm, Las Olas is tolerable for one night but any more will almost certainly disappoint.

*It is worth noting that the cabanas on-site are considerably more pleasant, and when factoring in that they each contain a private kitchenette, are, if the budget stretches, a much better option.


Recommended for

A cheap room if passing through, or whilst you find better accommodation.



Wi-fi, hot showers, 24-hour reception, pets, garden and roof terrace.


Rating: 5


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