five unexpected travel essentials

We packed a lot of things for our trip. An awful lots of things, far too many things probably.

Some have been lost, some have been forgotten and others have proven themselves to be invaluable. Here are five things which we have discovered we can't travel without, but might never have thought to bring. 

#1 numerical padlock

Taking a few of your own padlocks is a must, but we've found that the absolute best option is a solid numerical one. 

It neatly solves the issue of inevitably losing a key at some point in sand or at a bar and gives you a little bit more peace of mind that your stuff is more secure. 

We use a beast like this, which is chunky and solid.


#2 swiss-army knife

Ok, this might not be that surprising, but what you might end up using your knife for may be.

Forget the Bear Grylls version of gutting your hand-caught fish, this has actually been used more for eyebrow plucking, a multi-purpose hostel kitchen utensil, cutting up a plastic bottle to make cocktail cups on a secluded island, trimming a straggly beard and, of course, as a portable bottle opener. 

We use and recommend this one.


#3 tupperware

To be found in the cupboard of every home, often with 15 lids only fitting 12 containers, this has been a great way to help meet our £30/day budget. 

Whether for taking home-prepared snacks on day-trips, storing last night's food or keeping our herbs and spices in one place between hostels, you can't go wrong by making space for this in your backpack. 


#4 duct-tape

For around £1 a roll, this is indispensable.

For every rip, tear and broken seam our rucksacks suffer, this allows a quick patch-up to prolong its life that little bit longer.

Also very handy for sealing liquid containers in transit to prevent leakage (essential for those opting to cook in hostels) and taping up that cannister of toxic 'Deet'!


#5 zip-lock bags

So many uses for one thing. Keeping bits-and-bobs in one places, separating things in your rucksack, storing foodstuff or acting as a beach wallet. Although simple freezer bags provide a similar function, the zip offers a little more security and allows multiple re-uses. Find them here.


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Five unexpected travel essentials