a little help to 'hablar español'

Attempting to learn a new language is a daunting task. Those used to the slow-paced teaching of high school classes may well be overwhelmed with the prospect of memorising literally hundreds of verbs and vocabulary, whilst at the same time, attempting to master the subtle nuances of the Spanish language. 

However, on your travels, some of your best experiences will happen in a town or round a dinner table where English is not spoken and you are out of your comfort zone. So, if you're heading to Latin America, trying to learn some key Spanish phrases prior to your arrival is a must. 

Thankfully, we found a number of invaluable resources online that helped explain the finer points of Spanish grammar and aided our learning - not only whilst we have been away, but even before we'd booked out flights. And the best thing was that they won't cost you a penny! 











In the world of smart-phones and tablets, there are also a number of apps that have proven very useful.

Memrise - apple and android

Duolingo - apple and android

LingQ - apple and android

Basuu - apple and android

Anki - apple and android