hostel review: hospedaje casa elena, san pedro

70 GTQ/night, private double w/bathroom, 9th – 16th June 2014


Apart from the last two nights, it was quite empty whilst there. Although not formally a hostel,  it does have a backpacker vibe with lots of open space and hang-out hammocks.



5 minutes from the dock, situated right on the lakeside, it's very central and close to anywhere you want to reach on either side of the village.


Best thing

 The view from the hostel of the main attraction to San Pedro - the stunning Lake Atitlan - is tremendous. This feature could add a significant premium to the price, but at Casa Elena it is merely a fantastic bonus.

Also, it was great to actually have a shower that fulfilled the promise of being hot.


Worst thing

There are cooking facilities – something not too common in San Pedro – but the owners really should invest a bit of money into the crockery ; there were only two well-used plastic plates (one of which was Spiderman themed), three forks and a single knife.

Also, although common to many budget stays in Guatemala, the sheets are paper thin and don't fit the bed.


Value for money

Superb value given that it was a large double room, with a decent private bathroom, a kitchen and undisturbed lake-view.


Recommended for

Anyone. If there during high season, it may feel a little crowded, but at other times you can get a decent and secure room for very little money. Those looking for a party hostel in San Pedro will have no trouble finding one, but Casa Elena is a nice alternative for those who appreciate a party but don't want it outside their front door. 


Top tip

We definitely heard others getting charged more than us – 50Q per person – for the same room, so don't be afraid to negotiate. Also, some rooms have a window overlooking the lake, which you may want to request.



 Wi-fi, hot showers, kitchen, lakeside view, hammocks, on-site shop.


Rating: 7



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