foodie: la galeria del zot'z, flores

By Guatemalan standards, Flores is not a cheap place to eat out. The lake front is populated more by Tikal-hunting day-trippers enjoying the obligatory sunset cocktail than by locals getting a cheap fix. Stumbling across la galeria del zot'z, we found a place we could eat like kings and still enjoy a few drinks.

This hole in the wall cantina, which sells litres of local beer for less than most places sell a bottle of water also has some of the cheapest, most plentiful food on the island.

Their economical menu provides 15-20 hearty meals for 15 - 25 GQT that will leave even the most ravenous backpacker discounting the possibility of dessert. Whilst in the rest of Flores, even the most basic desayuno tipico plus coffee will cost at least 30 GQT, this local favourite will provide a large portion of eggs, beans, tortillas and plantain (excellent filter coffee included) for 15 GQT. Add in a extra portion of frijoles to share, and this breakfast left us sufficiently stuffed long into the afternoon. It is definitively the best value breakfast you'll find in Flores, and the reason we ate here every morning for two weeks!

By night, those wanting to escape the usual hostel atmosphere and share a drink with increasingly red-faced locals - young and old - will find solace here. 


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