foodie: deep blue fish & chips, san pedro

“It's better to do 3 things well than a lot badly”

The philosophy of the owner of the newest addition to San Pedro's already thriving foodie scene explains the concise but excellent menu.

The fact it has already gained third-place on Tripadvisor, despite only opening nine weeks ago, is a testament to how good the food really is. And it's an awful lot of food – 1.25lbs to be precise.

Fish n' chips. The franco-canadian comfort food of chips, cheese and gravy (poutine) and jumbo battered sausage. Even deep-fried Mars Bars on request. That's all you'll find here. Iced beers too, sensibly reduced from 15 GTQ to 10 GTQ if you are also eating.

Despite, of course, being gringo-focussed, the singularity provided at Deep Blue is refreshing contrast to other traveller restaurants whose menus burst at the seam with international dishes – often no more than questionable imitations.

The chips are crispy and chunky, fresh out of the fryer. The fish is coated in a perfect ratio of golden batter – enough to add flavour and texture to the white meat, but not to overpower it.

The daily-homemade tartar sauce is also a pleasing addition. All too often a pasty and bland accompaniment, the extra garlic transforms it into a condiment worthy of sharing a plate with your Heinz Ketchup (depending on availability, Heinz is the only brand of red stuff fit to be squirted here).

All comfortingly wrapped in a traditional double-page of newspaper. You're in Guatemala, but you could easily be by the British seaside, sheltering from the wind and fighting off seagulls.

Where to find it: Seek out Cafe Atitlan down one of San Pedro's smaller streets, and your fish and chip fix is opposite.


Monday - Thursday12:00 - 20:00

Friday - Saturday 12:00 - 01:00

Sunday: Closed

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