foodie: driftwood cafe, punta gorda


Living in London, the abundance of veggie-friendly cafes and award winning vegan cuisine on offer can somewhat skew one's views on what should be available on every high street; that the option of three different kinds of soya milk to go in your organic latte is the exception, not the rule.

Certainly, in rural Latin America it is a surprise to find a dusty carton of non-dairly milk on the supermarket shelf, let alone restaurants catering solely to vegetarians. Perhaps Punta Gorda, with it's Kriol identity attracting a relaxed traveller is the reason for The Driftwood Cafe - an exceptional vegetarian and vegan eatery, housed in the same premises as a local art gallery.

Marketed as a 'flexetarian' restaurant, for the health and eco-conscious, The Driftwood Cafe serves comfortably exotic food made with locally sourced ingredients, surrounded by cultural images of Belize.

Also on offer, are drumming lessons at the Maroon Creole Drum school, and Kriol cooking classes.