what do things cost in belize?

With an economy artificially linked to the USD and enjoying its status as the only English speaking country in Central America, Belize can prove very tough for those on a strict budget. On islands such as Caye Caulker, certain goods can often cost as much as at home.

Whilst travel is cheap, with accommodation costing more than 50% of our planned budget, our time in Belize was doomed to come in on budget.

The costs below are the average we encountered during our time in the country, and the individual items have been chosen for their ubiquity across the world and their popularity amongst backpackers. This will allow us, and you, to make a comparison of living and travel costs across Latin America.

Currencies are $BZD / £GBP / $USD. Conversion rate as at time of publication.

Average daily spend for two backpackers (i.e. us!)

Yeah, Belize is pricey. Completely impossible to live on £30/day. The figure you see here still didn't allow us to do everything we wanted in Belize.

$136 / £40 / $68

double room/night

We really hope this is the most expensive accommodation we find on our trip - or we may have to rethink the budget!

$57 / £17 / $28.5

basic breakfast out for one

One of the few meals out we could afford - you have to try the fry jacks. Deep-fried potato loveliness!

$10 / £3 / $5

one litre water

Do yourself a favour, buy the gallon bottles.

$2 / £0.6 / $1

one banana

It's hot; they grow here; they're cheap. Fresh fruit and veggies were really difficult to find in Belize, so bananas end ups supplying quite a lot of your vitamins.

$0.5 / £0.15 / $0.25


cup of coffee

Even for a very mediocre cup of coffee, you'll pay something similar to back home - our advice is to buy some instant for the hostel.

$5 / £1.45 / $2.5


half-dozen eggs

Woo-hoo - one of the few cheap food stuffs in the country.

$1.5 / £0.45 / $0.75

bottle of local beer (284mls) 

One of the most frustrating things about Belize - the beer comes in TINY bottles.

$3 / £0.88 /  $1.5

500g dried spaghetti + 1kg marinara sauce

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of pasta eaten here - a lot of carb in general actually.

$8 / £2.35 / $4

can of coke

The same as a price of coke back home - this was for treats only.

$2 / £0.6 / $1


large tube of pringle

Crisp lovers take note - this is the last place we found salt and vinegar crisps. We still miss them.

$4 / £1.2 / $2


pack of 20 local cigarettes

Some of the most expensive in Central America.

 $6.5 / £1.9 / $3.25

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