hostel review: nature's way, punta gorda

Private double with shared bathroom $38 BZD/night, 21st April 2014

Vibe: Quiet backpacker haunt, where you can happily while away a few hours whilst waiting for your boat to Guatemala. 

Location: Situated approximately a 10 minute walk from the ferry terminal, close to Asha's seafood restaurant.

Best thing: The communal area, although a little dusty, is fitted out very comfortably, with sofas, old Belizean antiquities and fast wifi. 

Worst thing: No kitchen. Although for one or two nights this is not of major concern, if staying any longer, with eating out in Belize being so expensive this could lead to quite a drain on your finances.

Value for money: This is by far the cheapest hostel we stayed in, in Belize. For $38 you get a clean room, relaxed surroundings and fresh towels in a safe environment. 

Recommended for: Given its price relative to other accommodation in Punta Gorda, it is no surprise that it is the backpacker's favourite.

Top tip: There are a couple of rooms without properly shutting doors, and although it is well secured with a padlock, it may be advisable to request one that closes fully.

Rating: 6 (this hostel appears to have somewhat mixed reviews on Trip Advisor, but from what we saw, the worst ones perhaps reflect a travellers own high standards - if a little more time and care was taken on general presentation and maintenance, this hostel could rate higher)

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