best quesadillas in playa del carmen: las quecas de playa


Playa del Carmen has a vast variety of cuisines available to the tourist, but to those living on a tight budget the options are far fewer and more difficult to find. Thankfully, you need not wander too far from the beach or bar to find authentic and cheap Mexican fare.

For $20 ($3 for extra fillings), you can get one of the best quesadillas in the Yucatan Peninsula. Delicious combinations of Mexican favourites, served in fresh home made corn tortillas and topped with the perfect amount of gooey cheese. The pollo con mole, plus frijoles, was especially good. It is also one of the few taco/quesadilla places that are veggie friendly with options such as peppers, zucchini or beans.  

How to find it: On Calle 6, between 10 and 15 Avenida Norte (just 2 blocks away from the beach)