get your free food @ oasis familiar, valladolid

When someone offers you free bar snacks, you usually expect a paltry serving of salted peanuts that have been sitting out for hours and handled by everybody. 

Oasis Famliar in Valladolid does things a little better. Order a drink per person, and you will soon have a table covered in Mexican favourites for free. Mountains of freshly cooked tortilla chips still warm and glistening with oil, the ubiquitous salsa, frijoles, jicama sprinkled with chilli, sauteed pumpkin, sliced sausages, cochinita pibil (a Yucatan speciality of pork, smoked in the ground) and chilli beef.

Order another drink and you can eat enough to call it dinner. It is understandable why this restaurant is a firm favourite of the local university students. Be sure to tip! 

How to find it: At the intersection of Calle 36 and 47, heading south-east out of the city, about 10 minutes from the main square.