foodie: lunch box, placencia

Between October and June, you will see restaurants in Belize offering every conceivable conch-based entree, but it was the fritter which most whetted our appetites. Whilst in a stew, conch proved a little too reminiscent of boiled squid, yet sliced finely and deep fried in a delicately spiced batter it was a delightful treat when unable to afford or find a full meal.

Sold in bus stations, at road-side stalls and by many a wandering salesman, this staple snack is as ubiquitous as the Bob Marley soundtrack. Unfortunately, as with all family favourites, it can be difficult to avoid an inferior product - the lesser fritter. Those dripping in oil, with a floury residue or apparently missing the prized ingredient. 


The Lunch Box, a small, family run kitchen in Placencia produced by far the best conch fritter we found in Belize. Served warm with a splash of ketchup, the batter was light without being too greasy, with a pleasant smattering of conch and what is undoubtedly a highly guarded combination of fresh herbs and spices. 

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