hostel review: jose @ mama's home, tulum

Double room, w/bathroom $275 per person/per night, 22nd – 24th March 2014


Very laid-back with a lot of slow-travellers. Most people at Mama's Home planned to stay for 2 days, but were still there one week later. The hubbub of the courtyard (secured behind a comforting locked gate) filled with international chatter, hostel kitchen meals and local beer is a lovely end to each day.



None of the hostels in Tulum are on the beach, but rather on the main highway (around 3.5kms away). Mama's Home is thankfully on a side-street, so there is less hustle and bustle, but still remains very secure.


Best thing

Under the previous ownership, Mama's was known for its excellent breakfasts; thankfully Jose has more than maintained this. From perfectly fluffy tropical fruit pancakes, to a Mexican twist on the European savoury crepe, Jose leaves you satisfied and wondering why you ever settled for a piece of stale bread and jam so often favoured by hostels elsewhere.

Worst thing

Jose's is expensive. Like, really expensive. It was by far the most expensive hostel we stayed in in Mexico, and whilst free breakfast is included and the room was admittedly rather nice, in hindsight, we would be hard-pressed to condone paying that much money in the future.


Value for money

Yes and no. If you're backpacking or on an extended beach holiday and cost isn't too much of a concern, then Mama's is perfect. However, if on a tight budget, there are cheaper alternatives. 


Recommended for 

Slow-travellers who enjoy the social-side of a hostel, and have the money to enjoy it. Although the noise is kept to a minimum after 11 p.m, this is probably not a hostel for those who don't wish to join in the spirit.


Top tip

Hire a bicycle to reach the beach and cruise on your own schedule to cenotes (just remember to put some sunscreen on your knees!). Jose has secured you a small discount from a supplier.  



Wifi, free breakfast, kitchen, outdoor space, hot showers.


Rating: 7

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