hostel review: hostal zocalo, merida

$ 150 per person/night in 6 bed dorm (however we were put in a 4-bed private room) 29th-31st March, 2014


There isn't one. Although this hostel serves a purpose, the hodge-podge of clientelle and lack of vision left us wanting to leave sooner rather than later. Everywhere feels half-finished and if only some more money, care and love was given to the details, this could be a gem.


Good location, right on the main square, in the midst of the historical centre, about 15 minute walk from bus station.


Best thing

Roof access. Most people don't appear to venture up here, so you will have the undisturbed views of the city to yourself.


Worst thing

Our room. Very little natural light, an ant infestation and sweltering heat abated only by the noisiest fans we are yet to encounter. 


Value for money 

If you are simply looking for a good base in Merida, and are fortunate enough to be placed in one of the upstairs rooms (which looked an awful lot nicer), you may well be happy with this hostel and its decent breakfast.

Recommended for

People who are passing through and in need of a good location. 


Top tip

Make use of the excellent kitchen and try to request a room on the upper level.

Rating: 6

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