how not to bring the bathroom sink

Whether you've got carry-on, a rolling beast of a suitcase or 25kgs on your back, toiletries are an essential. Squashing the contents of your bathroom cabinet into a washbag can however defeat even the most organised packer.

A great way to economise on space and cost throughout your adventure and minimise what you take to the shower each morning is to make your own bag of refillable miniatures.


miniature travel bottles

Miniature toiletries are easy to purchase in that last minute rush to the departure gate. Yet, with price increases estimated at 500-700% per gram/ml of product versus the high-street cost, it's clear your hard-earned travel savings could be better spent on that taco stand in Mexico. 

We did our research and found the cheapest and best options for all shapes and sizes of bottle resided with an on-line wholesale seller of toiletry accessories - Naturally Thinking - or you can check out a larger variety here

Costs of 100ml flip-top bottle w/ flip-top cap

Muji  £1.95     

Boots  £1.35      

Naturally Thinking  £0.33

For our bulk order of 11 bottles and caps, including £3.95 postage and packaging, from Naturally Thinking, we saved at least £7 from the next cheapest offer at Boots. This saving allowed us to buy a few extra bottles to store our aftershave, perfume, suncream and moisturiser, all of which fit snugly in our Muji wash bags

toiletries - a necessary expense

Supermarkets rotate their hair product offers on a regular basis. Find a 2-for-1 offer for your first set of travel toiletries and decant them into your own bottles before your trip. 

Shampoos, conditioners and sunscreen are often more expensive abroad than at home. When you're topping up on your bottles during your adventure, always try to pick them up from a larger supermarket and scour the shelves to find a cheap but quality product.  


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