what we spent in el salvador

budget: £570 / $863

total spent: £512  / $775

# of days: 19

avg. daily spend : £26.9 / $41

all costs for two people in exchange rate at time of post.

currencies are £GBP / $USD

days on budget: 21%

days under budget:  53%

   days over budget:   26%

Friendly people, great street food and breath-taking landscapes are just a few of the things we encountered during our 19 days in Central America's smallest country. 

Whilst accommodation is more expensive than elsewhere in the region, the compact-size means limited travel expenses and the opportunity to experience everything the country has to offer in a offer in a couple of weeks. 

Despite having a few over budget days whilst enjoying relative luxury at Tortuga Verde (a relaxing but slightly pricier budget backpacker retreat), we still managed to enjoy our time and come in under budget.

£217 / $339

Some of the more expensive accommodation in Central America but - with the exception of San Salvador - you get your money's worth!

accommodation: 42%

£31.5 / $48

El Salvador is a TINY country, so stick to the local buses and your money will go far. Remember, any trip for a dollar!

transport: 6%

£149 / $233

The typical backpacker route is choc-a-bloc with gringo eateries but if you limit your indulgences here, you will have plenty of money for the local pupusas. The Feria de Gastronomica is worth a splurge!

eating out: 29%

£36.5 / $57

More pricey than neighbouring Nicaragua or Guatemala but what beach-side town can be enjoyed without a cold beer?

alcohol: 7.2%

£43.5 / $68

With all the imported North American fare, a trip to the local supermarket could leave you with a basket full of goodies and an empty wallet but stick to local produce and the budget backpacker can eat well in any hostel kitchen.

groceries: 8.5%


£18 / $28

sweets & treats: 3.5%

£2 / $3

Buy your essentials before you enter the country to save.

toiletries: 0.4%

£14.5 / $22.5

With surfboard rental at $10/day, everybody can afford to enjoy a few days in the waves.

activities: 3%

£0 / $0

Always good to travel in countries with no departure taxes!

crossing borders: 0%

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