foodie: where to eat on little corn

As you're hopefully aware, we are living on quite a limited budget. This means that unless we can get our hands on cheap street food or feel like treating ourselves, eating out often gives way to backpacker friendly home-made meals and a little more pasta that our waist-lines strictly require. 

However, when we were planning our Caribbean getaway to the beautiful Corn Islands we made a promise to ourselves that enjoying freshly caught seafood at least once a day was more than an indulgence, it was mandatory.

When we first arrived, and perused a couple of pricey restaurant menus, we did begin to worry that we might have bitten off more than we could chew, but if you take the time to wander around the island, there is great AND cheap seafood to be found.



By far our favourite place to eat on the island which we frequented most nights. Situated a little back from the main drag, near the entrance to Casa Iguana. This is a tranquil forest setting to enjoy some of the best-priced (and simply, the best) seafood on the island. We can highly recommend the shrimp in garlic sauce, complemented by excellent garlic mashed potato (the kind that is enhanced by lumps - something one of us wishes their mother could learn!). A main dish will cost around C$150, including not just your dinner but also a small starter and dessert. All-in-all, a fantastic deal.


El Resto del Bosque

Located to the right of Rosa's, this small family-run restaurant is another excellent budget choice - heaping portions of delicious fresh seafood for around C$150 (also including a small salad and dessert). Only downside is that they don't have a license to sell beer, but with food this good, you don't really mind.


The Shak

This brightly coloured wooden-shack (hence the misspelt name) is located directly on the beach, not far from where the pangas dock. Offering up the usual shrimp, fish and lobster in addition to homely breakfast treats like pancakes and french toast. It seemed a little expensive to us, but is always a popular choice.


Los Delfines

THE place to check your email and with the best priced beer on the island (cheaper than the shops!) Although the regular menu is a little pricey for our tastes, they have daily offers (written on a whiteboard outside) with more reasonably priced dishes. The chicken and steak options are particularly popular and the 2-for-1 happy hour cocktails were strong and tasty.


Tranquilo Cafe

Craving comfort food in a gringo-friendly environment - look no further than Tranquilo. The guy who owns this place knows EXACTLY what he's doing. Power-sockets in every table? Check. Uber-trendy bar staff? Check. Cool sound-track? Check. This place is cool. The interior straight out of a how-to on making hipsters happy. It is of no surprise that this place is always busy. And by all accounts, the food is good. It's just pretty expensive compared to the other places on this list.

We also hope that Tranquilo remains the only places of its kind on Little Corn - another few of these and the island would lose a lot of what makes it special. 


Miss Bridget's

Ask any local where to get good lobster on the island, and Bridget's is likely to be one of the first suggestions. That's probably why it's full to bursting most evenings. We didn't eat here, as unfortunately the prices were a little prohibitive. But yes, apparently lobster really is that good.

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