what we spent: month seven

Total costs calendar.png

budget: £30 GBP / $50 USD per day 

total budget: £900 / $1500

total spent: £808 / $1,308

avg. daily spend : £27 / $44

all costs are for two people

days on budget: 3%

days under budget: 80%

   days over budget: 17%

Our seventh month was spent hanging out on the beaches of El Salvador and Nicaragua, enjoying a little luxury at Tortuga Verde, careering down volcanoes (some faster than others!), taking time to understand Leon's history, wandering the streets of Granada, delivering aid via motorbike to victims of a landslide in Ometepe and learning to surf on some of Nicaragua's best breaks. 

Yet another under-budget month, and whilst that may have meant making tuna salad picnics on a bathroom floor for a week, we enjoyed every minute of it.

Total: £362 / $586

Average cost for double room per night: £12 / $19

accommodation: 45%

Total: £37.6 / $61

Most expensive: £8.74 / $14.4

Leon to San Juan del Sur (three buses and a taxi)

Cheapest: £1.34 / $2.12

Chinandega to Leon (one bus)

transport: 4.7%

Total: £112 / $181

Most expensive: £8.9 / $14.4

Over-priced but delicious bagels in San Juan del Sur

Cheapest: £1 / $1.6

Greasy burger in Leon

eating out: 14%

Total: £50.5 / $82

One week of near tee-total behaviour (surfing is difficult enough when you're not hungover!) balanced a couple of our more indulgent weeks - worlds best rum for $5? Be rude not too!

alcohol: 6%

Total: £114 / $184.5

Lots and lots of fresh fruit and veg this month means that grocery costs were kept way down.

groceries: 15% 

Total: £27 / $44

But we still needed that odd bottle of coke.

sweets & treats: 3%

Total: £7 / $11

Who needs a laundry service when you have a bar of soap and a sink?!

toiletries: 1%

total: £61  / $99

Most expensive £31.5/ $50

Three-day motorcycle rental in Ometepe, Nicaragua.

activities: 8%

Total: £18 / $29

We may have gotten a little seduced by the cool surf store, but we still got a discount.

clothes: 2%

Total: £19 / $31

Oh Nicaragua, why such a high entry fee - after the free and easy ways of Guatemala and El Salvador, $12 came as quite a shock!

crossing borders: 2%

what does it cost to travel in central america?