what we spent: month six

budget: £30 GBP / $50 USD per day 

total budget: £930 / $1550

total spent: £838 / $1,357

avg. daily spend : £27 / $44

all costs are for two people

days on budget: 13%

days under budget: 58%

   days over budget: 29%

Our return to familiar territory in Guatemala - including a very homey 11 days at our favourite hostel there - meant a welcome return to cheap transport options following the struggles of Mexico. Our biggest expense was the much-anticipated two-day trek up Volcan Tajumulco, but it was worth every penny. 

Sixteen days were also spent in El Salvador. We avoided a big expense by crossing the border back into Guatemala from Mexico independently with local transport and, although it was hot, sweaty and took a lot of time, it saved us around $50. Accommodation in El Salvador was a little more expensive than elsewhere, so to save a bit of cash we made the most of the delicious and cheap papusas which were only around $0.5 each, avoiding expensive restaurants and gringo bars.

So, after six months on the road, it's another month under budget whilst still making some great memories and friends!

Total: £290 / $469

Average cost for double room per night: £9.35


Accommodation: 35%

Total: £57.3 / $93

Most expensive: £20 / $32

San Cristobal to Xela (three buses)

Cheapest: £2.2 / $3.6

Acajutla to El Tunco (two buses)

Transport: 6.8%

Eating Out.png

Total: £167 / $270

Most expensive: £20 / $32

Decadent hangover Chinese in San Salvador

Cheapest: £0.8 / $1.3

The worst papusas we had in El Salvador, in San Salvador

Eating out: 20%

Total: £55 / $89

Any month where we come in under 10% on booze is a bonus!

Alcohol: 6.6%

Total: £103 / $167

Slightly lower than usual - we blame those delicious papusas.

Groceries: 12.6% 

Total: £27.5 / $44.5

Sweets & Treats: 3.3%

Total: £32 / $52

A huge sale on sun-cream in Guatemala saw us stocking up with as many bottles as we could carry!

Toiletries: 3.8%

Total: £76 / $123

Most expensive £61 / $99

Tajumulco trek for two

Activities: 9.1%

Total: £28 / $45

A little frustrating to have to pay the large Mexican exit fee twice.

Crossing Borders: 3%

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