Here, in this wholly mineral landscape lighted by stars like flares, even memory disappears...A strange, and by no means pleasant, process of reintergration begins inside you, and you have the choice of fighting against it, and insisting on remaining the person you have always been, or letting it take its course. For no one who has stayed in the Sahara for a while is quite the same as when he came.
— Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky

From Essaouria and the windy Atlantic Coast to the dry desert heat of the Sahara Desert, Morocco is a country bursting with possibilities. Road trips through mountain villages, nights camped out amongst the dunes and the intoxicating experience of the country's biggest medinas. Many people come solely for Marrakech, but search a little deeper, and you will discover a place full of adventure.


We've explored so much of this fantastically diverse country, and have many, many (you have no idea how many) articles to publish in the coming weeks. So, while there may only be a handful of posts for now, keep checking back and let inspire you to visit Morocco