The Faroes are easily the most moodily beautiful place I have ever been. Each island is a giant slice of elaborately tiered basalt, tilted to one side and covered in green, tussocky felt. Streamer clouds, almost mannered in their perfection, encircle the mountains. Rocky cliffs, topped in arêtes and tarns, plunge into the sea, while up from the water jut massive, looming sea stacks.
— Stephen Metcalf

A small archipelago surfacing beneath the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroes are attracting those that wish they could have visited Iceland 20 years ago. Grey, windy and ruggedly beautiful, a trip here is a dream for those who crave the wildness of nature and wonderful isolation.

Oh, and it’s made for a road trip - which is exactly how we discovered it in 2018.

Below you’ll find plenty to help you plan your time in the Faroes, but, there are many more still to come.