city guides: valladolid, mexico

Our favourite city in the Yucatan, Valladolid is a treat to all your senses. From the moment we got off the bus and glanced upon the most beautiful sunset casting orange light down a perfect colonial street, Valladolid had our heart


Great for

If your Mexican adventure will not go beyond the Yucatan Peninsula, a few days in Valladolid will expose you to the beauty, sights and sounds for which Mexico is famous. For those who see the world through a lens, this city will take your breath away.


Avoid if

If you are purely looking for 2-4-1 drink offers and table dancing, Valladolid will fall well short. However, it is difficult to imagine anyone not falling a little bit in love with this place.


Must do

With numerous cenotes cycling distance away and Chichen Itza a 45-minute collectivo ride, Valladolid makes a fantastic and affordable base to explore the best of the Yucatan


Getting there and away

Multiple 1st and 2nd class buses arrive and depart from the centrally located bus station. 1st class travel will bring you there quicker, but for a few extra pesos.

2nd Class bus Tulum – Valladolid: $80 pesos per person, 2-3 hours.

2nd Class bus Valladolid – Merida: $102 pesos per person, 3-4 hours.


Budget-breaker or maker?

Maker. Our favourite hostel is also the cheapest and a day's activity of just wandering the streets with a camera will cost nothing. A few extra unscheduled days may be called for. 

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